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Industries We Serve

Our journey commenced as visionary entrepreneurs pioneering the realms of digital and data sciences. Fueled by the aspiration to introduce enhanced efficiency to industries with a global impact, we harnessed our industry expertise, extensive experience, and valuable customer insights to craft a distinctive and highly effective solution for forward-thinking enterprises. Today, we stand as a global provider of a diverse range of digital transformation services, extending our reach to industries worldwide.
A picture of a physician watching an x-ray.A picture of a physician watching an x-ray.

Health & Life

Health & Life Sciences form the core of our expertise, rooted deeply in our commitment to the well-being of our families and communities. Our dedication drives us to harness innovation to enhance patient outcomes. We specialize in developing patient management systems, designing clinical trial management processes, and efficiently tracking medical device manufacturing, distribution, and usage within companies. We craft robust, tailored solutions designed to sustain a healthy record of digital utilization, ensuring seamless operations and optimal outcomes for both patients and businesses.

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An image shows a woman checking information on a courier box while holding a barcode scanner in her hand.An image shows a woman checking information on a courier box while holding a barcode scanner in her hand.


Digital transformation within the retail industry is often the biggest barrier to success and seamless customer experiences. Using fully integrated cloud-based systems to power automation, personalizations, and optimizations in the retail experience can help drive costs down and loyalty up. We've brought alignments between distributors, manufacturers, marketing, sales, and service teams, and we're looking to do it again. By building robust cloud-based solutions, we can limit downtime, improve sales cycles, increase conversions, and more.

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We understand the organized chaos of a fast-growing tech company and the complex challenges your unique business model may have. Speed to market and the ability to pivot are critical to the success of your business, whether it’s a marketplace, SaaS-based software, or anything else. We will build cross-functional strategic alignment to ensure a collaborative framework, seamless integrations with your tech stack (and proprietary solution), and a human-centered solution that will set you up for immediate success and sustained growth.

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We want you to maximize your potential; extending power to your portfolio by managing channel opportunities, capturing key metrics, ensuring efficient lifecycles, and much more. We do this by relentlessly focusing on digital innovation paths to shape structures fit for the future. Our deep experience in Salesforce and other CRM platforms can help build a single source of truth to use as a foundation for elevating performance across all infrastructure sectors. By developing custom solutions, you see increased mobility, robust workflow automation, and seamless collaboration.

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Your Industry

We serve customers for their impact, not just their industry label. If you're looking for exceptional digital services to transform your company inside and out with the power of Salesforce, you're in the right place. Over our years in operation, we've refined the delivery process at the intersection between quality and pace. It includes sequencing releases and ensuring your user community receives meaningful functionality at an acceptable pace.

The Cloudloop methodology lays on a foundation for an exceptional customer experience with no surprises or added costs. We do this through consistent client involvement, client sign-offs at every stage, honesty, and transparency.


Our first step is to always review your current business and processes to yield a better understanding of the opportunities in technological change that await. We'll work with your stakeholders, review the scope of existing projects, and outline your business objectives. Our consultants will then take your needs and translate them into an impact-driven solution with key performance indicators.

Design & Build

With a human-centred approach to digital reconstruction, we design a solution beyond its features and functions and into its use. Your end-user's needs and wants are at the epicentre of what we'll architect to ensure seamless adoption and optimization across all business levels. With our agile approach, you'll have full visibility on a sprint-by-sprint basis of your project's progression.

Test & Iterate

With every iteration, we rigorously test and refine what's been built and implemented. This is a vital piece of the digital puzzle that ensures the solution, from end-to-end, is a user-friendly and robust core to your business' scale. We'll equip you and your team with the proper tools, scripts, and direction to perform rigorous testing to uncover new areas of opportunity for down-the-line honing.

Train & Go Live

When done right, go-live can be an energetic time where investment and hard work come to fruition. We will always ensure your teams have the support they require with your digital solution. When integrating your solution into the day-to-day operations of your business, it'll need rigorous testing, training, and change management to ensure new skills and processes maintain their momentum.

Elevate Your Business in the Digital Era


Referral Management

Whether it’s a patient referral or a provider referral, we understand the importance and impact to have that information readily available in an easy-to-read manner to the extended team. Whether it’s getting that data from your EHR, or any other source, we can help you surface that information in your CRM to empower your team to be analytically driven.


Clinical Trials

Over the last two years, we have seen a big change in the world, and running clinical trials more effectively will require a digital experience. We have worked on building and serving some of the biggest clinical trials in the world. We want to use our intimate knowledge to enable you to design and run a digital or hybrid model for your trials.


Med Device

From medical equipment manufacturers to distribution centers, having a cohesive tool that allows identifying buying trends, managing equipment inventory, or optimizing travel routes for on-site visits, we will help you bend salesforce to fit your organizational processes to build an effective, easy solution with high adoption rates and accurate data.

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